March 5th 2022

Preacher: Fred Hudson

Job: Songs in the night

February 5th 2022

Preacher: David Gayton

Christian Assurance

January 8th 2022

Preacher: Paul Pomeroy

Daniel 3: 3 strips of divine dynamite

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December 4th 2021

Preacher: Bill Patterson

Luke 2: Wonder, Worship and Witness

November 6th 2021

Preacher: Geoff Thomas

The Prodigal Son


October 3rd 2021

Preacher : Jeremy Brooks

Luke 5:33 - 39  New Wine

March 1st 2020

Preacher: Wes Erpin

Acts 20:13-38 Paul and his approach to 


February 1st 2020

Preacher: David Gayton

Matt 5.3 Blessed are the poor in spirit

January 4th 2020

Preacher: Roland Burrows

Exd 13:21-22 Pillar of Fire


December 7th 2019

Preacher: Colin Robinson

Luke 15. He Came to Seek and Save

November 2nd 2019

Preacher: Bryan Jones

Ezk. 36 You MUST be born again

October 5th 2019

Preacher: Richard Brooks

Proverbs 15.15

March 2nd 2019

Preacher: Alun McNab

1 John 1 -2

February 2nd 2019

Preacher: Dr. David Hughes

Psalm 1: 1-3

January 5th 2019

Preacher: Conrad Pomeroy

Psalm 23


December 1st 2018

Preacher: Geoff Thomas


New wine in New Wineskins

Mark 2: 18 - 22

November 3rd 2018

Preacher: Bryan Jones


The self disclosure of Christ in the scriptures.

October 6th  2018

Preacher: Bill Patterson

Subject: Forgiveness from Ephesians 4:32



February 3rd 2018

Preacher: Martin Erwin

Subject : Be .....  Ephesians 5. 15 - 20

January 6th 2018

Preacher: Derek Cleave

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December 3rd 2017

Preacher: David Gayton

Subject: The Glory of the Cross. Gal 6.14

November 4th 2017

Preacher: Juge Ram

Subject: ..More than Conquerors

October 7th 2017 

Preacher: Brian Edwards

Subject: Biblical Forgiveness