The Gornal Bible Fellowship orginally started under the banner of Youth for Christ as a Saturday night Bible Rally.

Lake Street Methodist Church has always been its location although not organised by the Church itself, a small committee arranged the preachers and soloists.

In the early days Frank and Dorothy Littlewood were the secrateries and thankfully Dorothy has kept the diary records from way back in 1961,

Here is that information, you may like to reminise over past days and note some of the preachers who have ministered on Wintery Saturday night in Central Gornal.

This page will grow as time allows...





November 4th

Dr Verna Wright M.D, M.B, Ch.B, MRCP with The Salvation Army Band.


December 2nd Mr Ken Terhoven with Christ for All Choir


January 6th   SHADOW OF THE BOOMERAGE a Billy Graham Film


February 3rd Mr Alan Pratt with The Pype Hayes Instrumentalist Group


March 3rd Mr John Hunter Capenwray Hall Bible College  with

Madeline Jones [Sorprano, Gornal]


April 7th Mr Howel Jones B.A  with Michael Harper,[Gospel Accordionist]



October 6th Mr Howel Jones B.A with Vicky 


November 3rd Miss M Morrison with Tom Henley


December 1st Mr David Shepherd with Edgar Harmon


January 5th Mr Arthur Dean with Mr Tyler


February 2nd Rev. Bill Batham with his own singers


March 2nd Mr Stuart Mustow with  S.A Band 


April 6th Pastor Cowdrey with The Gornal Sextet




October 5th Rev. J Clarke with S.Smith Quartet


November 2nd Yeuan Jones with Wesley & Janet Ward


December 7th Ian Thomas with Vic Darby


January 4th Don Summers with The Coventry Sextet


February 1st John Hunter with Mrs Mair Jones-Perkins


March 7th Gordon Spittlehouse with S.A Band


April 4th Lawrence Roddis with The Gornal Sextet



October 3rd Lawrence Roddis with Edgar Harman


November 7th David Shepherd with his own music


December 5th Mr Blackburn M.P with Doreen & Perry Smith


January 2nd Rev A. Edwards with S.A Band


 February 6th Mr K Beardsmore with Gospel Messengers Quartet


March 6th Dr Porter with Team


April 3rd Dr A. Skevington-Wood with Bill Tyler




October 2nd Lawrence Roddis with Mair Jones-Perkins


November 6th Rev. Caldwell Peers with Ribbon of Faith


December 4th Rev. Walter Brentnall with Edgar Harmon


January 1st George McCracken with Gospel Messengers Quartet


February 5th John Hunter with Sam Smith


March 5th Pastor Chamberlain with The Evangelaires




October 1st Rev. L Barnard with The Stewarts


November 5th Campaign Special Reunion Rally


December 3rd Rev. James Wood with Team


January 7th Don Summers with Jim Clemson


February 4th Stuart Briscoe with The Pathfinders


March 4th Rev. Alan Stephens with Mair Jones-Perkins


April 1st Dr Verna Wright with The Evangelaires